For those who haven't heard by now, Level 5's latest installment of Professor Layton, Professor Layton and The Last Specter, will include a bonus RPG.

Unlike the Japanese version, Professor Layton's London Life will be immediately playable in US copies. There's no need to complete the main game to unlock the 100-hour long extra.

It's being handled by Brownie Brown, hence the more than passing resemblance to Mother 3, which they were also involved in. And something that many, mostly fans of Earthbound, have begged Nintendo to bring over.

Ultimately, those calls were unanswered. And obviously Professor Layton and Mother are two completely different things, unless Shigesato Itoi was also involved with London Life as well.

But at least they share the same whimsical art style, and that accounts for something, right? Unfortunately, those in the UK have gotten the worst deal out of everyone.

Not only have they been denied Mother 3, but their copies of Professor Layton 4 will be devoid of another helping from Brownie Brown. Which makes zero sense given that's where the game takes place.

[via Joystiq]