Just a few weeks ago, we had Jeff Goldblum telling gamers to go outside, take a walk, and call a member of the opposite sex, and now virtual space Webkinz World is also promoting a similar message this Saturday with its "Worldwide Day of Play" initiative.

From noon to 3PM EDT tomorrow, Webkinz World will shut down, with the site instead showing Webkinz hosts and characters having fun outdoors, and encouraging kids to do the same. Apparently, this is the eighth consecutive year all of the Nickelodeon's sites have done this.

When the kids log back in after 3PM, Webkinz World will offer a virtual healthy snack for their players' pets "as a 'thank-you' for participating" in the event. You can cheat and stay inside during those three hours, and still receive the snack, too, but where's the fun in that?

Nickeloden and its partners will also hold a celebration of play on the Ellipse in Washington D.C. this Saturday, which will involve "an entire day of physical activities and games for kids and their families to encourage active and healthy lifestyles."