Brisbane-based Defiant Development, a new indie studio set up recently by veterans from Pandemic Australia, have put out this first public video for an immensely interesting project called Warco, short for War Correspondent, which looks to "examine the frontline from a new direction".

It looks like a typical first-person shooter at first, with the brown landscape, explosions and gunfire all around you, soldiers taking cover behind stationary vehicles, but you're lugging a video camera around instead of a rifle, and the goal is to document the carnage instead of killing enemies.

Defiant is working with Australian journalist Tony Maniaty and filmmaker Robert Connoly (Balibo, The Bank) on a prototype for the title, which follows fictional war correspondent Jesse DeMarco on an assignment to "capture battle footage and edit together a news story, while trying to make it out alive."

"We believe it really pushes the envelope in terms of what can be done with the 'FPS wargame' in terms of story telling and engagement," says Defiant director Morgan Jaffit. "It's especially timely in light of the Arab Spring and the new shape of revolution that's taking place in the world today."

This Warco video is taken from the studio's first playable. Defiant hasn't announced a release date, a planned platform, or whether it's found a publisher for the game yet.