Last year, the Museum of Modern Art held a retrospective featuring the work of Marina Abramović. The highlight was "The Artist Is Present", a performance piece that starred Abramović herself.

Patrons waited in line for hours just for the opportunity to sit down with the artist, across a table, and stare at her face. But for those who missed out, there's now a game that recreates the entire experience. Including the lengthy wait in line, all done in real time.

The estimated wait in is around five hours according to Kotaku, and if you don't reach the end before the museum closes for the day, you'll be kindly asked to leave and come back the next day.

Once again, because it is in real time, those wishing to play it this very second (it is now exactly 9PM EST) will not be able to. MoMA is open Wednesday through Monday, 10:30AM - 5:30PM. It's also closed on Thanksgiving and Christmas, FYI.