Despite concerns that the project would not get off the ground due to lack of funding, The Videogame History Museum has hit its donation milestone, and then some. The Museum's Kickstarter-driven donation drive ended this week with donations totaling $50,266, greatly exceeding the project's goal of $30,000.

The Videogame History Museum is a non-profit charity organization and physical collection dedicated to "preserving, archiving, and documenting the history of the videogame industry." The bulk of the Museum's contents come from the personal collections of Classic Gaming Expo organizers Joe Santulli, Sean Kelly, and John Hardie.

"Kickstarter is just the beginning," note the Museum's founders in a recent update. "The money that we raise here will be spent carefully and wisely to promote awareness of the museum collection and generate more revenue. A project like The Computer History Museum takes-in and spends tens of millions per year. We're many, many years away from being in the same league as they are, but something of that scale is our ultimate goal and it will cost a lot to get there."