Every week, GameSetWatch's Danny Cowan rounds up the top-grossing Android gaming applications, as current that day in the Android Market. This week's U.S. revenue charts see Cooper Media's My Country and Gameview's Tap Fish leading today's rankings, as Paradise Island and Live Holdem Poker Pro also report fast sales.

These charts allow end users to see who is making the most money in the Android Market that day. It differs significantly from the Top Paid Games chart, which is ranked by sales, and therefore is dominated by lower-priced titles that sell more copies.

Data comes courtesy of Google's public sales information. All titles in the Android Market's "Games" category are considered in chart rankings.

This week's top-grossing Android titles are:

1. My Country (Free)
2. Tap Fish (Free)
3. Live Holdem Poker Pro (Free)
4. Paradise Island (Free)
5. Restaurant Story (Free)
6. Madden NFL 12 ($6.99)
7. Fashion Story (Free)
8. Bakery Story (Free)
9. Drag Racing (Free)
10. Zynga Poker (Free)

Cooper Media's microtransaction-supported sim title My Country remains the Android's highest-grossing app for the third week in a row, while Gameview Studios' Tap Fish climbs up to second place after finishing seventh last week.

EA's Madden NFL 12 falls to sixth place after previously placing second last week, as Creative Mobile's social-focused racer Drag Racing overtakes Zynga Poker for ninth place.