As noted a few weeks back, the man best known for The Room has a brand new show centered on video games, which made its debut a few short days ago on YouTube. And thus far, The Tommy Wi-Show is a home run.

The premise once again has Tommy being abducted to by an alien, and forced to play games, a different one each week. Sadly, there's no robot or freakish man-child sidekick, nor is the chosen title a stinker (since MST3K used B movies). Episode one's Mortal Kombat 9 is actually quite good.

But the most important thing is how fears of Wiseau being overly scripted were unnecessary in the end. Sure he's playing along during the set-up, but once that PS3 controller is in his hands, it's all Tommy.

Either that or kudos to Wiseau for such superb acting chops; it really does look like he accidentally hit the PS Home button during gameplay. Or to whomever that actually came up with the super creepy sexual/misogynistic comments that Tommy spouts during round two.

After the cut is a bonus clip of MK again, this time featuring Freddy Krueger. With the obvious highlight being Wiseau's bizarre button technique.