Like many longtime Tommy Wiseau fans (not to brag, but I knew about this generation's Ed Wood before most, thanks to a recommendation from Mathew Kumar... yes, the creator of the exp. zine), I too have become a bit weary of his fame. What made The Room so special is how it's a genuine affair, an attempt at a legit serious movie.

One of entertainment's genuine enigmas is endlessly entertaining and fascinating, regardless of circumstance. Yet when he tries to be funny on purpose, it's not quite the same. But even I'm willing to toss all cynicism aside and look forward to his new series, The Tommy Wi-Show.

Mostly due to the premise, as pointed out by Joystiq, in which "[Wiseau] is repeatedly abducted by different races of mysterious aliens and transported to distant planets, where he is forced to test popular video games." So basically, it's Mystery Science Theater 3000, with games in the place of movies. I can dig!

Hopefully he'll have sidekicks, but instead of robots, it'll be his best friend from the movie, along with the bizarre man-child that played Denny.