Four arcade titles from defunct Japanese shoot-'em-up developer Toaplan's back catalog are iPad-bound, according to a report at Pocket Gamer.

The first wave of Toaplan games slated for the App Store include the vertically scrolling shooters Sky Shark, Twin Cobra, Truxton, and Truxton II. Twin Cobra and Sky Shark saw ports for the Nintendo Entertainment System, while Truxton was among the first wave of titles released for the Sega Genesis. The infamous Zero Wing is not among the currently announced titles, which is, honestly, for the best.

Despite a string of arcade hits, Toaplan ceased operations in 1994, with its former staff going on to form Cave and Raizing, among other spinoff companies. Emulation-specializing developer M2 (Sega Ages: Gunstar Heroes Treasure Box, Data East Arcade Classics) is in charge of the upcoming iPad ports, and notes that future Toaplan releases are possible, pending a positive App Store reception.

[via @rdb_aaa]