That's basic concept behind Hit Box's line of unique controllers, which replaces the joystick with four additional buttons. The science behind the set-up is how "travel time" between buttons taps is far less than moving a stick between directional quadrants. Which in turn lends itself to far more efficient gameplaying.

Yet given how most fighting games, even those not from Capcom, heavily relies upon the muscle memory that's been formed in the wake of the original Street Fighter 2, the overall effectiveness of a system is questionable. Especially with all in the in-between, quarter circle positions that seem far easier to achieve on a stick.

At least Hit Box works quite fine with Mortal Kombat, which requires no circle movements, just button taps. After the cut are two additional videos; yet another featuring MK, which makes it seem like the two were made for each other, and one demonstrating how more "traditional" moves are still entirely doable.

To find out more, as well as purchase your own (apparently, making Hit Boxes for the 360s is far trickier than for the PS3), simply hit the homepage.

[via Joystiq]