Atari isn't the only company that saw Thinkgeek's iCade and decided to create its own iPad tabletop arcade cabinet; Space Invaders maker Taito just unveiled its own setup, the InvaderCade, which features cabinet art from its seminal fixed shooter.

Unlike the iCade's 8-bit button layout, this branded cabinet has only a single button to accompany its ball-top joystick. The 25 x 23 x 35 cm machine also serves as a charging dock, and has stereo speakers and a headphone jack.

There's no announced plans for a release to the West, but it's coming to Japan on October 11 for ¥15,800, or aound $205 -- yikes! It doesn't even come with Space Invaders HD or Space Invaders Infinity GeneGame Center!

[Via @jonnyram]