Everyone is abuzz over all the new software that's been revealed for the PlayStation Vita at Tokyo Game Show. But the one title I'm most interested in is something that's gotten almost zero attention, comparatively speaking, and that's Sumioni.

Granted, it was first announced a week before the show, and is therefore old news, though being clumped alongside portable versions of Ragnarok and Dream Club is what ultimately caused it to be lost in the shuffle.

The video above requires little explanation; it does indeed appear to be a traditional platformer that also utilizes the Vita's touchscreen capabilities, and the perfect combination of Okami and Kirby: Canvas Curse.

Though I also dig the feudal Japan esthetics, which for whatever reason, I'm a total sucker for in a portable title (hence why I'm still miffed that Onore no Shinzuru Michi wo Yuke never made it out here).

Oh, and another Vita title that was announced alongside Sumioni and which I'm also interested in, albeit for different reasons, is Moe Moe Taisen Gendaiban ++. Otherwise known as that strategy game that features military hardware merged with cute anime girls which I've once mentioned already.

Both titles are expected sometime early next year.

[via Siliconera]