Ever play Street Fighter II Rainbow Edition? It's a fairly popular unofficial hack that was widely circulated during SF2's heyday, despite (or perhaps because of) many added features that destroyed the game's balance.

The playthrough above, recorded by "elder" and archived at ReplayBurners, showcases a good number of Rainbow Edition's eccentricities. Note that, despite having limitless no-charge homing Sonic Booms at his disposal, Guile still occasionally has a tough time beating the CPU player, who is willing to break all rules of logic and sanity in order to win.

What to look for:

- Surprise superfast Zangief.
- Ken turning into Vega, who clings to the sky, leaps into a projectile barrage, and then recovers with a series of supersonic backflip fireballs.
- sonic sonic sonic boom sonic sonic sonic boom sonic boom sonic sonic sonic sonic