Sony Computer Entertainment of America is known for many things, including horrible box art. Easily the one example everyone cites, time and time again, dates back to the dawn of the PS2 era. Specifically, the comically horrible American Ico cover image.

Though all the HD revamps for the PS3 are perfect examples as well. There's absolutely no reason why the packaging to the God of War collections, for example, have to be so bland and lazy. The only positive that can be said is how the original games sported less than eye pleasing covers to being with.

But starting with the cover to the Ico & Shadow of the Colossus Collection, Sony is trying to make things right by swapping the laughable American imagery with the sublime Japanese original. Yet the atrocious overall design is still front and center.

Thankfully, Sony is also offering an alternate, reversible cover, so the outside of the collection can reflect the beauty and grandeur of what's inside. Similar to what they just did with Resistance 3, which emphasizes Olly Moss's fantastic artwork.

[via PlayStation Blog]