Bad news 2D fight fans: Skullgirls will not be out by the end of this year as originally planned. Instead, there's now a "first quarter of 2012" release window, provided there are no hold ups during the submission process.

The reasons are numerous, but ultimately, extra time is needed to help maximize the game's potential. Much of it is based upon feedback from those who have test driven the game at tournaments and the like.

A rundown of what's being improved upon/added can be found via this blog post. Highlights include a 10% speed bump, backgrounds being upgraded to 3D, requested color palettes, assorted balance and gameplay tweaks, plus an "accidental pause prevention option".

A new video has also been added to the official YouTube channel, highlighting Parasoul. Unlike the other ladies, she isn't the host for some parasite, doesn't sport biomechanical arms, nor is she part cat.

Instead, as the princess of one of the kingdoms in the game's universe, she does battle with a "living umbrella" and has an elite military squad that provides back-up, mostly during specials. My favorite part of the clip above is when one of her super soldiers is about to lend a hand, but his boss says sternly "Not now."