gamersidevol3.jpegFans of Shooting Gameside, the Japanese gaming rag that's solely dedicated to shmups: time to head on over to Nation Console Support. Because volume 3 is finally up for pre-order.

The first two installments have been well worth the premium price tag, so putting down another $30.90 (plus shipping and handling) is a no brainer. The cover story this time around is the 30th anniversary of Galaga.

There's also a look at Xevious 3D for 3DS and Death Smiles for iOS, along with interviews with musicians k.h.D.N. and Aki Furukawa. Furthermore, models kits based upon RayStorm and Ikaruga are given the once over, old Famicom favorites are revisited, plus XBLA offerings are examined as well.

Pretty much the only thing that makes zero sense is an overview of Neo Aquarium: King of Crustacean. At first I assumed it be an ultra obscure doujin shmup, but turns out, it's an ultra obscure doujin fighter.

Then I assumed it was something along the lines of Senko No Ronde, which combines shooting and punching. In the end, it's closer to Virtual On more than anything else. Did I mention you play as assorted crustacean? Perhaps that was obvious by the title alone. Footage after the cut; cannot wait to see Shooting Gameside's coverage when volume 3 arrives later this week!