Advertised as "the long-awaited reboot of the most extensive charting of video game controllers ever", Pop Char Lab has beautifully rendered 119 unique controllers from 11 different generations of gaming, which span seven decades.

A closer look can be done so here, which is the only way to truly appreciate how comprehensiveness the print is. True, not every single input device is accounted for, though it would appear that all of North America has been accounted for at least.

There have been plenty of similar prints that features the NES controller or the Dual Shock, but the TurboTouch 360? How about the CD-i Peacekeeper? I didn't even know the console by Phillips even had a light gun peripheral.

The piece comes in at 24 x 36 and is printed on 100lb archival recycled stock that's certified by The Forest Stewardship Council and produced in Brooklyn. At just $30, sounds like a bargain to me.

[via NCSX]