Using a Nintendo 3DS to check out stereoscopic 3D screens for the handheld's upcoming games is pretty neat, but what about seeing images from retro, 2D titles on the system? Benjamin Wimmer, who runs the C64 Screenshots site, has you covered!

"Inspired by Nintendo's 3Dification of Excitebike, I've been fooling around last weekend with some C64 screenshots trying to recreate/transform them into 3D to see what C64 games would look like on the 3DS," says Wimmer.

After a few hours, he created 3D screenshots for Commodore 64 games like The Last Ninja, Rick Dangerous, Barbarian, Turrican 2, and others. You can download them here and view the grayscale 3D screens with either anaglyph glasses or on your Nintendo 3DS.