Capcom had no idea of what kind of monster it created when it made the famous decision to halt Resident Evil 2's development and start again from scratch. While Resident Evil 2 would eventually be released to critical acclaim, the beta version, dubbed "Resident Evil 1.5" by fans, remains a sought-after rarity.

Precious few beta copies of "Resident Evil 1.5" remain in the hands of collectors, and despite repeated attempts to purchase prototype discs, series fans have always met with disappointment. Instead, they're at the mercy of a slow trickle of screenshots, brief video snippets, and, uh, filesystem brags.

The latest tease is this fan-made trailer for Capcom's upcoming HD remakes of Resident Evil 4 and Code Veronica. It's a bizarre approach, to say the least. The fact that the trailer spends so much time lingering on trite prose and offers so little footage from the legendary game is pretty irksome, though I suppose that's the author's intent.

Still, at least you get to see a few seconds of beta character Elza Walker in action, so that's something, I suppose?