Go ahead and click that image above to see a giant version of the video game-themed skateboard deck designed by talented artist Sam Bosma -- it's decorated with arcade and handheld gamers, fantastic creatures, and a many-eyed blob that's swallowed a few heroes.

"I didn't do much skateboarding as a kid, but I was pretty into videogames, though I didn't have any of my own until I was able to buy them myself," says Bosma. "This is more or less a stream-of-consciousness drawing, relating my hazy, romanticized memories of the videogames I played as a kid."

Bosma created this or Bordo Bello 2011, a fundraiser dedicated to helping Denver's local arts community. The event will auction off several skateboard decks at the Redline Gallery in Denver, including ones designed by other notable artists like Chip Kidd and Gary Baseman.

You can see more shots of the "Videogames" skateboard deck and Bosma's process on the illustrator's blog.