Time for yet another dose of the creator of Psychonauts, hamming it up with Sesame Street's resident blue fur ball with a sweet tooth. As previously noted, it's an alliance that's definitely great for kids, but this second clip really makes one wish that Double Fine was crafting something that was more suitable for adults - since you don't have to be a tyke to dig the Muppets!

Also, after the cut is yet another follow-up clip. Remember the producer of Tekken and the producer of Street Fighter, going head to head at Comic Con? They decided to compete once again at Gamescom, so naturally everything have a very Oktoberfest-esque feel to the proceedings.

To be completely honest, the only reason why I'm even passing it along is for Seth Killian in lederhosen. Be sure to watch him totally flirt with the cute round card girl (who uses gigantic, heart-shaped cookies instead for whatever reason) in front of the entire live audience.