Longtime fans of the very first video arcade game show (sorry Nick Arcade) are perhaps well aware of Starcade's continued presence on the internet. For years it has enjoyed a modest yet serviceable online shrine, to ensure future generations know of the golden age of gaming's televised spotlight. Though many might not know of the recent re-launch, which took place last weekend, let alones its newfound interactive aspects.

Now dubbed myStarcade, it allows visitors to bet on the outcome of matches from original episodes. Basically choose a contestant that you believe has what it takes and watch them either triumph or crumble at the feet of Donkey Kong and company (usually the latter).

In return you can win virtual prizes, mostly the junk that the kids won back in the day. One can also earn online credits that can be applied towards unlocking clips or full episodes. There's an online leaderboard as well, to relieve those glory days in which you did everything to nab the best score at your local pizzeria, plus everything afterward to defend it.