Red Cloud Rising made its debut during this year's Game Play festival, and was originally supposed to end its run this past July 31. But due to critical acclaim and popular demand, it has received a third extension. Another block of tickets have been released, meaning the combination alternative reality game/performance piece that unfolds in the heart of Manhattan's financial district will now run until October 9.

It all kicks off with the player being interviewed for a possible job within Bydder Financial. He or she are put in a small group with fellow hopefuls, and are assigned the simple task of delivering an envelope. But along the way, the players come across a number of disgruntled and disturbed former employees. And it eventually becomes clear that Bydder has its hands in assorted questionable activities, all on a grand scale.

The gist of the game involves following the clues and uncovering the truth, but making sure that your potential boss doesn't catch on as well. Perhaps it's like every other ARG; Red Cloud Rising was my very first and only. But I personally was captivated by the sharp writing, topical subjects, and performances of those who help to drive everything forward.

Furthermore, it taps into its surroundings rather brilliantly. If you're going to have a wild goose chance in Manhattan, the Wall Street area provides the perfect combination of nooks, crannies, metaphors, plus much more, To purchase tickets, simply head towards The Brick Theater homepage.