A fairly recent iOS release that one might have missed, but definitely shouldn't, is Radballs. The block matching game shares much with similar titles like Tetris Attacks, Puyo Puyo, Lumines, and even Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo. It also taps into your iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch's audio library.

Yet there's really no need to go any further than the included music, the latest from noted Brooklyn based game music creator Neil Voss. Mostly known for his soundtrack for Tetrisphere (though I first encountered him at the very Blip Fest in 2006), Radballs features both original music and remixes of assorted OK Go tunes.

There's also guest tracks from Com Truise, Misfit Chris and Daze, with further collaborations planned for future updates according to Nobuooo. For more info, plus wallpapers that give your computer the game's awesome 80's day-glo aesthetics, simply visit the game's homepage.