Even since Nintendo announced a few weeks ago that it's holding a special pre-Tokyo Game Show conference for tonight, where it will showcase all sorts of 3DS items, gaming forums have been filled with rumors over what the company plans to show.

A lot of that speculation has actually come true -- we've already seen unveilings for several tons, both mini- and mega-, with the 3DS Expansion Slide Pad, Monster Hunter Tri-G coming to the handheld in Japan before the end of the year, and more.

But there's still a lot the company could surprise us with tonight, as evident in these bingo sheets created by the chaps at NeoGAF, predicting all sorts of events, like a Mach Rider revival, Hideo Kojima spouting "crazy nonsense," and, uh, Tupac Shakur.

You don't actually win anything for marking a line of successful predictions, but it's a fun game to play if you plan to livestream the Japanese press event tonight, and it's also amusing to see what others are expecting from the show.

There's more sheets and a template for making your own Bingo card in this NeoGAF thread. And here's a useful schedule for what time you'll want to tune in to the Nintendo Conference, and for when the other companies intend to hold their TGS events.