Unless you're in Japan or play games in Japanese, if you recall anything about Chunsoft's 2008 visual novel 428: Fūsa Sareta Shibuya de, the big thing that probably sticks out in your memory is the game scored a rare (well, maybe not that rare in recent years) 40 out of 40 score in Famitsu magazine.

The game -- which Andriasang tells us "is set in Shibuya and follows multiple protagonists experiencing the same mystery from different perspectives" -- released first on Wii, then on PS3 and PSP. Though it was praised for its story and presentation, 428 unfortunately never release anywhere in the West.

But maybe with this iOS release, the game's publisher, Sega, will go ahead and localize this for North America, too? It's the only title that's ever received a 40/40 Famitsu score and not released in the States -- someone needs to fix that!