While there have been some who haven't freaked out about Nintendo's upcoming Expansion Slide Pad/Cradle peripheral for the 3DS, the rest of the internet appears to be losing its mind over the accessory -- and of course, on the already unstable gaming message board NeoGAF, that hysteria has been amplified times a million.

The main forum thread discussing the news is full of antagonizing comments, hilarious GIF reactions, and fanboy meltdowns. There are a bunch of photoshopped images for these overreactions, too, like the Simpsons piece above by Mama Robotnik (maker of these fine GIFs), the best of which I've gathered here for your amusement.

Batman trying to dispose of the 3DS/bomb by Lovechild:

Future 3DS revision for 2016 predicted by Fiery Balrog:

Gamer ready to throw/flush away his 3DS by MaxRPG:

Ozymandias asking Dr. Manhattan if he made the right choice with the 3DS, by Crewnh: