For those looking for something to add to their video game zine library, have you heard of JumpButton yet? Making its debut literally 48 hours ago, editor Drew Taylor describes it as "a quarterly art/gaming/lifestyle magazine with a focus on the art and substance of videogame culture".

Much like Scroll, it's available via MagCloud, so you have two options: $17.00 for a hard copy or $4.00 for a PDF. The first issue came out in 2005, but due to financial issues, the follow-up never saw print.

But as Taylor notes, things have changed over the years; not only has the scope of game writing evolved significantly across the board, hence why the potential audience is now far greater, but so has the means of distribution.

The 64 page strong return features articles originally written in late 05/early 06 for #2, but are now in #0, and sports an update look that will accompany the official re-launch that's forthcoming. And despite being several years old, everything is still quite relevant today, including a look at the genesis of the iam8bit art show and an interview with artist Ashley Wood.

Though age is what makes some articles especially compelling, like the tribute to Beyond Good & Evil before a sequel was finally green lit, or the interview with Quantic Dream's David Cage before there was Heavy Rain. For those interested, JumpButton #0 can be acquired here and comes recommended.

But for those who need a little more convincing, or even those who don't, be sure to check out Taylor's GSW column from back in the day, which was one of the ways JumpButton was kept alive between format changes.

[via @DeMarko]