You might recall late last year when Andrew 'Zarf' Plotkin (The Dreamhold), a veteran from the Interactive Fiction space, raised over $30,000 in donations as part of his "mad plan" to quit his job, become a full-time game designer, and work on"interactive alchemical interplanetary thriller" Hadean Lands.

He still intends to launch Hadean Lands to iOS devices before the end of the year (and possibly for Andriod and Kindle eventually), but he's put out another release in the meantime: My Secret Hideout, an interactive narrative title for the iPad, which is meant to be more a toy than a puzzle or game.

"This is an experiment in procedural text generation," explains Plotkin. "You build a tree on one side of the screen; as you do, a description of a magical treehouse appears on the other side. Every change you make causes different possibilities to unfold. You'll find new details, new rooms, and new vistas every time you try it."

You can purchase My Secret Hideout now on your iPad for $2.99 -- not that much for a creative experience that isn't really like anything I've seen before. Also, playing this requires much less effort than building your actual dream secret hideout, and there's "like ten million googol combinations" for your treehouse.