To help promote the upcoming 3DS version of Monster Hunter Tri, Capcom has inlisted the help of Gatchaman and company of all people.

There's five vignettes thus far (the rest are after the cut), and it's impossible to tell what's really being said, unless one's fluent in Japanese. But one has to assume that they address the twelve new weapons, the assorted new beasts to take down, and the 3D visuals naturally.

The best part is its Adult Swim-vibe. I was seriously expecting the cast of Sealab 2021 to show up at any moment. Again, not sure what's being stated, but I believe part five ends with Ken the Eagle getting pissed at Ryu the Owl for taking too long to give a URL. And that got a good chuckle out of me.

It's been said that folks at Capcom are major fans of Tatsunoko Productions, hence Tatsunoko vs. Capcom, so these ads serve as further evidence. Either that or someone realized that they still had access to the license and figured the campaign would be a good way to maximize the deal.

[via Capcom Unity]