The track listing for the upcoming We Are ROCK-MEN! arrange album that Capcom's producing has finally been unveiled. The Mega Man Network has the details, and as they've astutely point out already, Mega Man 5's soundtrack gets a good deal of the attention.

Dark Man's stage in particular is all over the place (yet no remixes of the equally excellent Gyro Man or Napalm Man are present; such a shame). Meanwhile, the most popular Mega Man soundtrack, that being part 2's, only appears twice. Anyhow, in addition to part 3's stage select, above, additional samples can be heard via the same MMN link.

By the way, for those who missed it, The Mega Man Network also broke news of all 16 issues of the Brazilian Mega Man comic being translated at long last. The publication has gained almost legendary status among certain circles over the years; in addition to the extreme degree of violence depicted, or Roll constantly getting naked, its behind the scenes is equality storied.

Like how one writer tried to covertly kill all the characters off, as to then populate the Mega Man universe with his own creations. Though this one comment from the MMN post says everything one truly needs to know: "There's something really amusing about X being introduced as a pervert living in a cozy little cottage wearing a bathrobe and bunny slippers."