In the past year and a half, Square Enix has put out a number of appreciated albums featuring new, themed arrangements of popular songs from its franchises -- there was Love SQ, Chill SQ, More SQ, most recently SQ Chips, and the upcoming Cafe SQ release.

Now the company has put together a live concert, SQ Party Level 1, at Tokyo's 2.5D venue, with artists like Sexy-Synthesizer, DJ OMKT, and others performing their songs from the aforementioned albums. For fans of Square Enix soundtracks, this seems like a crucial event!

And if you wake up early enough tomorrow, you'll be able to catch a livestream on Ustream! Just make sure you're tuned in around 7:00AM EDT or 4:00AM PDT for the start of the show. 

[Via Destructoid]