Yet another Kickstarter alert: Stage 2 Studios, a production company that's mostly done commercials and interactive websites, is producing their very first (as far as I can tell) full-fledged game. Lifeless Planet is the brainchild of studio partner David Board and looks quite compelling, especially for an initial effort.

The basic setting is as follows: in the future, humans are capable of space travel and are on the hunt for planets that are Earth-like. You assume the role of an astronaut who comes across a seemingly barren wasteland, until an abandoned Russian laboratory is discovered. One that's many years old, perhaps dating well before your contemporaries began exploring the solar system.

There's also a mysterious young woman who ends up saving your hide from some unspecified danger. The goal of the game, according to Board is "... to put the 'adventure' back in 'action-adventure.' I grew up loving games like Out of this World, The Dig, and ICO, and I want to create a gaming experience in the spirit of those classic adventure games."

To ensure the adventure actually happens, here is where one can led support. Pre-ordering the game, for either PC or Mac, can cost as little as a very modest $10 donation.

[via Rock, Paper, Shotgun]