In the upcoming follow up to their hit girlfriend simulator, New Love Plus for the 3DS, Konami is dipping into their library of past hits. Though not just any games, but ones that your virtual lady friend wouldn't mind playing.

As part of Kanojo to Game Mode (translated as "Games with your Girlfriend"), you'll be able to play mini games based upon Twinbee, Yie Ar Kung-Fu, and Taisen Puzzle Dama, either with or against your silicon soulmate. They can be accessed at the local game canter, while you two are out on a date, naturally.

As you play them on the top screen, your gal pal will be visible on the bottom, allowing you to see her reactions. One might assume that certain conditions will either result in her being quite pleased, or others in which she's bored stiff.

Too bad games like Gradius, Castlevania, or Contra aren't included. Some might believe, like the Love Plus's creators it would seem, that Japanese schoolgirls may not care for such titles, and we all know that's not necessarily true.

And even if was the case, it would still be funny to have your girlfriend go, "So I was thinking, there's a new Thai restaurant that... wait, what... Gradius AGAIN?!?!"

[via Andriasang]