Courtesy of NeoGAF's Video Game Facts That Blow Your Mind thread is perhaps the most shocking revelation yet, which concerns Kirby 64. Specifically the game's ice level, the Shiver Star.

According to The Awesomest, a junior member who deserves a full promotion due to his discovery: "Shiver Star is Earth in nuclear winter after a nuclear holocaust wipes out humanity".

Furthermore, he points out the following substantiating facts:

- There's a lone orbiting moon, just like the Earth.
- Silhouettes of the continents, again similar to Earth's, are visible.
- The random No Trespassing sign at the level select is clearly an Earth artifact.
- One of the levels takes place in a shopping mall.
- Then also a factory that's "complete with genetic experimentation on bad guys in the background."
- And the boss battle with the giant robot is in the midst of a (seemingly barren) metropolis.

The Awesomest concludes with: "So apparently humans did lots of consuming and corporations got lots of power and built huge war machines and ended life on Earth and sent it into an ice age. And then Kirby came and got some crystals and so on."

And thus, an already unsettling and just flat out creepy game is even more so.