Alert! There's a new Katamari game coming to iOS next week! Katamari Amore will feature 24 missions (including "six completely new stages") and multiple gameplay modes when it premieres for the iPhone and iPad on September 29th.

Amore will launch as a "freemium" title, though the free portion is really more like a one-level demo; the full-game unlock is priced at $3.99. Namco also notes that Pac-Man will make an appearance in a new and iOS-exclusive level, pictured above.

Given that Katamari creator Keita Takahashi is no longer involved with the series, and considering that its iOS predecessor i Love Katamari was described as "broken garbage" by Wired's Chris Kohler, expectations aren't particularly high for Katamari Amore. The core gameplay is still enjoyable in the right context, though (see: about half the levels in Beautiful Katamari and Katamari Forever), and Namco Bandai promises to include a variety of control schemes to address the first game's input issues, so Amore might stand a chance at being halfway decent.