Lonnie McDonald is on a mission. His goal? To earn more than 9,999,999 points on every Joust arcade machine in the United States. His latest conquest is the Joust cabinet at the History of Electronic Game's eGameRevolution exhibit in Rochester, New York, which rolled its high score after a grueling six-hour battle.

Starting at 10:15 AM and ending at 4:15 PM -- with no food or bathroom visits in between -- McDonald successfully fought off armies of ostrich-riding knights and deadly (but not invincible) pterodactyls to earn over 10 million points and reset the game's score counter.

eGameRevolution's cabinet is the fifth Joust machine to succumb to McDonald's mad desires. Local law enforcement has proven helpless and ineffective, and McDonald's spree will likely continue, given an ominous warning issued following his latest malfeasance: "I'm not as fast as when I was in my twenties, but I'm smarter now."