Mac gamers have long been second class citizens, but things are changing. Not only did we eventually get Steam, but there's now a decent (and growing) selection of exclusive titles as well. Bit Pilot is just one example, yet also proof that iOS has been the primary reason for such a turnaround.

Anyhow, another OS X release that users can add to their list of games they can finally play is Psychonauts; from literally out of nowhere, Double Fine's near six year old cult favorite has been ported onto Apple hardware. There's two ways to nag a copy; either through the App Store or via Steam.

Furthermore, an accompanying (and totally free) iOS app has also been released that allows one to view all of the game's Memory Vaults. Plus, there's commentary from Tim Schafer and Scott Campbell!

PC users on the other hands will be happy to know that their edition has been updated as well. Achievements have been added, along with cloud saves via Steam, plus the difficulty of the Meat Circus has been toned down at least, addressing everyone's primary complain about that version of the game.