Yahoo! Games has a neat slideshow dedicated to some of the earliest coin-op titles, highlighting electromechanical setups like some of the first pachinko/pinball machines and gun games dating as far back as the mid-1800s (though most are from the 1920s-1950s).

My favorite of the bunch is Hoot-Mon Golf from 1928: "This golf sim was pretty revolutionary at the time. Players used the left handle to position the golfer and the right to control the club. There were three holes on the sculpted course and they had three balls per play."

Ater the break is Baffle Ball (1931), one of the first pinball machines ever; and Drive Mobile, a cross-country driving game ("Your goal was to drive from New York to Los Angeles by keeping your car on the road via a large steering wheel. Every time you hit a new city, you got points."):

[Via Arcade Heroes]