Along with showing a Tim Schaefer-filled demo of the haunted house project at Tokyo Game Show, NanaOn-Sha (PaRappa the Rapper) debuted this new trailer for Haunt last week, finally demonstrating clips of gameplay in the XBLA Kinect-powered title to the public.

Here you'll see some of the rooms in the ghost-filled mansion that you'll explore, objects to interact with, deathtraps to avoid, and the movements you'll be making for the Kinect sensor bar to pick up -- like covering your ears when attracked by a banshee-like creature.

And of course there's a giant eye peering at you at the end off a hallway through a window because, what the hell, that always creeps people out. Joystiq previewed the game and said the goal is to somehow sneak past that eyeball to get to the next area.

"I could only walk when its eyelid closed, and had to stand perfectly still when opened. According to Matsuura, a previous iteration of the game forced everyone within view of the camera to hold still when the eye was looking, but that draconian rule was relaxed in the version I played. It probably makes for a better party game as-is than if it forced all partygoers to stop partying."

I'm unsure what the eye would be able to do if you fail to sneak by. I mean, it's sinister and all, but what's it going to do, look at me threateningly? After a few seconds of being freaked out by it, I'm walking up to that thing and punching it.