We first mentioned Grasshopper Manufacture's new Evangelion title a few months back, which included a brief teaser that had little in the way of gameplay. So the above marks the first real look at the various modes that will be contained within Rebuild of Evangelion: Sound Impact.

As also noted, there's six activities in total, and while we await official explanations, here's what I think they look like: "Angel Session" appears to be a basic button matching affair, like DDR and all its variants, "AT" has a passing resemblance to Ouendan, "Teardrop" has a definite Bit.Trip Runner vibe, and "Number 5" reminds me of the battle mode in Gitaroo Man.

Meanwhile, "HEX" has you unveiling footage of the various ladies of EVA, hence why it conjures up memories of Gals Panic, and "Call of Fourteen" is reminiscent of another Japanese produced music game, but I can't seem to quite put my finger on the title. Anyhow, Rebuild of Evangelion: Sound Impact is still due at the end of the month, on the 29th.

In other news, and as part of the also aforementioned mission to highlight every single video game-themed smartphone case that comes into existence, is something else from GhM (and which I'm shocked Eric didn't mention already). As spotted by Albotas a few days, ago, there's an iPhone 4 case that's perfect for fans of No More Heroes.

But upon further investigation, they also have cases based upon Shadows of the Damned and their iOS title, Frog Minutes. Plus something featuring the "Cockroach Maiden". Their full assortment can be seen here.