Electronic Games executive editor and pioneering games journalist Bill Kunkel passed away on September 4th. He was 61.

Kunkel co-founded North America's first gaming-focused newsstand periodical Electronic Games Magazine in 1981. His regular column, "The Game Doctor," continued in a number of magazines afterward, including Video Games & Computer Entertainment, Electronic Gaming Monthly, and Computer Gaming World.

Kunkel went on to work as a game designer and consultant for a number of titles throughout the 16-bit era, and continued writing for several print and online publications. Kunkel was honored with a Lifetime Achievement Award at 1999's Classic Gaming Expo, and authored the book "Confessions of the Game Doctor" in 2005.

While I was too young to read Kunkel's work in Electronic Games, I have fond memories of poring over VG&CE's Game Doctor column, in which he offered everything from gaming trivia to tech support to practical advice. In my mind, his column helped transform games writing from straightforward product news to something much more valuable and culturally relevant. You'll be missed, Bill.