Game Center CX's recent meet-up event in San Francisco was a smashing success, attracting a crowd that far exceeded expectations. What's more, attendees may soon be able to see themselves on Japanese television, as the results of the cast and crew's field trip will be compiled in the next episode of the series, premiering October 8th.

The Japanese retrogaming-themed television show has attracted a large audience of stateside fans over the past several months, thanks to the dedicated efforts of fan translators and Gawker's localization of select episodes. Over 100 fans were in attendance for last week's cast and crew meet-and-greet, signing, and prize giveaway -- GCCX superfan Ray Barnholt even walked away with a Prince plush, that lucky duck!

The upcoming episode will showcase Arino's visit to an arcade in Los Angeles, along with other highlights. Hopefully the episode will include my two favorite moments from the fan-captured video above: 1) the excited lady at 4:32, and 2) cameraman Abe's reaction to the Nina Matsumoto-drawn fanart presented at 4:12. Great, great stuff.