I'm sure no one expected to see video of Thatgamecompany's Flower or mentions of Molleindustria's McDonald's Video Game on Fox News of all places, but that's exactly what appeared on the cable channel earlier this week in a segment titled "Video Games Go Green"!

The piece mostly focuses on "the Sims City society games" and Red Redemption's Fate of the World, with the host posing questions like "Is this promoting education or just a liberal agenda?" and "Are people taking this too far and saying this is liberal fear mongering or indoctrination?"

Radio personality T.J. McCormack steps in to condemn these green and indie games for using scare tactics to promote their messages. He comments, "These guys actually have kids freaking out with sweaty palms, worried that they're going to kill a bunch of virtual polar bears."

He goes on to say that games should just "Let kids be kids", dismissing arguments that these educational titles are better for children than first-person shooters or war games by calling them "boring." He must not have seen Molleindustria's Orgasm Simulator flash game!

Anyway, my favorite quote from this segment is at the beginning: "Well, the green police trying to reach your kids at home on the video game systems..."

[Via @molleindustria]