Indie developer Santa Ragione gave us a heads up that the soundtrack for Fotonica (a.k.a. Tales Of Unspoken World), the first-person, one-button 3D running game that you really must play if you haven't yet, is now available On Bandcamp.

The seven-track album includes extended versions of the Windows/Mac game's songs by Michael Manning and Nicolò Sala, cover art and an alternate design, and five fascinating 4288 × 2848 long-exposure shots from Fotonica (check past the post break for a preview).

You can stream it for free or buy it for $4.99 here -- or you could be one of the first ten commentors in this post, and we'll send a download code for the OST to your email account for free. Don't forget that you can pay what you want to download the actual Fotonica game -- which you really must play to fully appreciate this offering!