Good news for fans of Super MariObama; part two is finally here. It picks up directly after the first one, and like all good sequels, there's a number of noticeable enhancements, like improved animation and a wider cast of characters.

Similar videos are all over YouTube, but the above is one of the few examples produced by an actual organization, ForAmerica in this particular instance. Political opinions aside, one must admit that their use of Super Mario is not nearly as bad as one might have come to expect.

Granted, whomever completely missed the chance to work in a Mario Golf reference, plus other minor quibbles are present here and there. But overall, it speaks of a respectable degree of familiarity with the source material, which is almost never the case in most political propaganda.

In a small way, it also illustrates how fully engrained video games have become within society. Though being mostly accurate when it comes to playing around with one of the most famous games franchises ever is hardly the greatest achievement ever, admittedly.

Still, nothing has yet to top the now famous Obama beats McCain in Pokemon animated gif. Presented in YouTube format, after the cut.