Two years ago, Zach Gage (who went on to create games like Bit Pilot and Halcyon) produced Lose/Lose, a controversial little shmup that deleted your files as you killed enemies -- definitely an interesting idea but probably one most people would've preferred to not see further explored.

Independent developer Sophie Houlden didn't know about Lose/Lose until after she released her own project, but she created a very similar "game" -- the most horrific she could think to make -- called FileKiller, which has a very simple set of rules:

- The game selects 20 files from your computer at random

- To win, you must delete them all [Note: It looks like the files sometimes survive deletion attempts]

- You don't know what each file is until AFTER you’ve deleted it
- Files 10 and 20 are folders, deleting them deletes everything in them

- There is no undo

I put game in quotes because there's not much gameplay, but then again I guess there isn't much gameplay in Russian Roulette either. Houldens says the main difference between this and Lose/Lose is "you can win in this game; whether it’s worth it, though, is something else".

You can download FileKiller -- though I don't know why you would want to -- to your Windows system here.