As four-day genre film event Fantastic Fest wrapped up in Austin last night, its gaming spin-off Fantastic Arcade recognized eight independently developed titles at an awards party, including Best in Show winner Faraway by Steph Thirion, and Audience Choice winner Fez by Polytron.

The eight titles, and thirteen other showcased games at Fantastic Arcade, were chosen from over 100 projects submitted to the juried competition, and were presented at the event with retro-style arcade cabinets available for the general public to play.

Fantastic Arcade's full list of award categories and winners include the following:

- Best in Show: Faraway by Little--Eyes

- Audience Choice Award: Fez by Polytron

- Most Punished for Lack of Ninjas Award: Radical Fishing by Vlambeer

- The Bionic Commando Award for Grappling Hook Excellence Award: Capsized by AlienTrap

- The "You got 2D in my 3D, or maybe 3D in my 2D" Award: Fez by Polytron

- The Mandlebrot Award: Fract by Phosfiend Systems

- The Most Recent Use of Japanese Tradition by Westerners Award: Skulls of the Shogun by Haunted Temple Studios

- The Implied Cephalopod Intercourse Award: Octodad by Team Octodad

- The Teach the Controversy Award: Jesus vs. Dinosaurs by Martin Jonasson, Petri Purho

"Fantastic Arcade fuses the world of genre film with the burgeoning indie game community," says Fantastic Arcade artistic director Mike Plante. "Each Fantastic Arcade Spotlight game proved to be compelling, fun, accessible and a blast to play. In fact, the audience reached new record levels of thumb blisters!"