Since it's been a while, how about another totally random and wacky clip from Japan? This one features a bunch of familiar faces all engaging in assorted Rhythm Heaven activities. Those knowledgeable in anime will recognize characters from Madoka, Macross, K-On, plus others that I'm not keen on.

Cameos from other games include The Idolmaster, Sengoku Basara, El Shaddai, Sonic, even Lemmings. There's even superstar from the world of children's books Miffy, and other truly odds and ends. Mostly references to memes that you have to be 2chan denizen to understand. Plus Vocaloids, naturally.

BTW, instead of it being your basic, garden variety MAD, which is the catchall term for such clips (aka an anime infused music video that comes directly from the motherland), this one is actually a MMD, because it was created in MikuMikuDance.

It's software package that allows for the creation of music videos starring the aforementioned Vocaloids, along with any other 3D model you manage to import. So the more you know!

[via GoNintendo]