For the past several months, AtariAge forumer Byte Knight has been working on a neat looking game based on Adventure, the 32-year-old Warren Robinett-designed game that introduced the action-adventure genre.

Like the original, Epic Adventure features a simple goal: retrieve the golden chalice, and return it to your castle. The twist here is the game is built from the group-up with 32 rooms/mazes, new items, new enemies, and more.

Byte Knight describes it as "kind of a mixture of Adventure and Lord of the Rings", as its filled with orcs, an invisibility amulet, and even an evil wizard holed up in a castle.

The game isn't completed yet, but you can read more about Epic Adventure and  grab a demo with levels 1-3 (latest version of Atari 2600 VCS emulator Stella required) at AtariAge.

[Via GBAtemp]